Yummy Crochet

We may have been laughing last week about googly-eyed blue cheese, but this week’s quirky spin on food is all about amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals or objects. While moving out of my apartment this past weekend, I found my foodie-crafter’s holy grail of DIY projects: Kristen’ Rask’s Yummy Crochet. The instruction booklet, essentially a beginner’s guide to amigurumi, contains a goldmine of relatively quick-and-easy crocheted provisions, including happy hamburgers, delighted donuts, and convivial cobs of corn. After I found out that I wouldn’t have TV or Internet at my new place, I decided to seize this opportunity and take advantage of my distraction-free peaceful evenings. I haven’t yet begun to crochet any smiling snacks or delightful desserts, but I’m sure that once they are finished I won’t be able to wait to give them away. They’ll make perfect gifts for kids because they’re play-food–I was thinking of creating a personalized “grocery bag” of crocheted foods for my niece–and adults can appreciate the charm of a smiling inanimate object. I’m also open to any gifting ideas you may have! What kind of food-related crafts have you seen or made? Photo Credit: Kate Jenks from Signed with an Owl

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