What You Should Know About Gluten Free Popcorn

All types of corn are gluten-free. One type of this whole-grain food is popcorn. When this kernel is heated, it puffs up. That is how the all time favorite snack came about.

Like corn, there are many naturally gluten-free foods out there. These include fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs, fresh meats, poultry and fish, most dairy products, and nuts, seeds and beans in their unprocessed form. It is important to take note that mixing these foods with additives, preservatives or other gluten-containing grains will diminish its healthy benefits. When these foods come into contact with foods that contain gluten, cross-contamination occurs. This usually happens during the manufacturing process.

For people with celiac diseases or other intestinal problems, healthy snacking is easy and delicious with popcorn without gluten. Gourmet popcorn is also a good snack for individuals who are on a gluten-free diet. But when popcorn is cross-contaminated, this harmless and yummy snack can easily turn against you. Be warned about the buttery toppings. While popcorn is naturally without gluten, oil or seasoning added to it is not free of gluten.

Aside from being a recommended snack for people with celiac disease, gluten-free popcorn gives you the following healthy benefits:

You can eat snack with lower sodium or low fat content as these popcorn is made from healthy ingredients. This means that you will not feel guilty about indulging in this snack as it still fits your recommended daily intake of sodium.

Popcorn has rich fiber content which is good for digestion. Fiber cleans your digestive tract for better absorption of needed nutrients.

Additionally, you feel full for long hours because of the fiber intake. This allows you to manage your weight better. You will avoid craving for more food or snacks that may add to your weight. This indeed is a good snack choice if you are cutting down inches around your waist.

Instead of feeling so weighed down or sluggish, you will have more energy eating gluten-free snacks like popcorn.

Popcorn contains antioxidants, a substance known to protect body cells against damage from harmful molecules called free radicals. Studies show the damage caused by free radicals leads to the development of cancer, blood vessel diseases, heart disease and other conditions. While the best sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables, you can supply your body with these cancer fighting substances by choosing healthy snacks like popcorn.

Whether you are in a diet or not, gluten-free popcorn is a fun and delicious treat for any occasion. Buy a big tub of freshly popped corn and savor these delightful kernels.

Source by Derek Flowers

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