Weird Sandwich Combos

Some people raise an eyebrow when I say I love bacon and grilled onion sandwiches, and also peanut butter and butter on bread. And Elvis Presley’s Hot Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (pictured) is legendary — apparently his cook made this with a whole stick of butter. But I almost fell off my chair when I read what college_cook posted on the Epicurious Recipe Swap yesterday. “Old-fashioned sandwich fillings” is the topic of the thread. Some people say they fondly remember “Ground chunk bologna mixed with pickle relish and mayonnaise” or boiled chicken. Okay, I can understand those. Later in the thread, though, college_cook takes the proverbial cake: “I was oddly picky as a kid…I refused to eat PB&J until high school, but I loved this Japanese canned eel, grilled and packed in a fermented black bean sauce. I’d spread this over cream cheese and toast or bagel, like smoked salmon.” OMG. Is canned eel on cream cheese the craziest sandwich filling ever? What’s the weirdest sandwich choices you’ve eaten or heard of?

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