Tropical Fruits in Costa Rica

Last month, I spent a week in Costa Rica. It being my first time in the country, I loved it. And a lot had to do with where we stayed, Kura Design Villas in Uvita. Before heading down there, I made it clear to anyone I spoke to about the trip that all I wanted to do was eat lots of fruit. LOTS of it. Well, I am happy to say, I succeeded. Every breakfast started off with a fruit platter (see above). Day to day offerings varied a bit, but every bite was pretty tasty. That white round fruit with a red hairy exterior is a rambutan (they referred to it as mamón chino), and what kind of looks like a red pear is actually a water apple (manzana de agua)–both new tastes for me. The rambutan reminded me of a lychee in texture and flavor, but it was the water apple that really threw me for a loop with its intense floral fragrance and pear-like bite. We had guava, Cape gooseberries (reminded me of firm, tart tomatoes–but not), and mangosteen, too. Mangoes, bananas, and clementines all made an appearance, too. Even the orange juice was different–less orange-y in color, more like a bright yellow, and with a more tart, citric flavor. Refreshing. Everything was fresh and tasted sweeter and better down there. Maybe it was the mountain air or the sea breezes? All I know is that as hard as I’ve tried, my fruit salads back in New York just can’t compare. (Photo: essny/flickr)

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