three Abnormal Techniques to Use Your Kitchen area Mixer-Blender

If you possess a mixer-blender (or a mixer and a blender, separately), you may possibly not know all the approaches you can use it.

As I am describing these sneaky kitchen methods, I am referring to the mixer-blender I use. That’s the Blendtec Blend n’ Blend. It’s the most crucial counter top rated appliance in my kitchen.

Nevertheless, if you have a blender – from a $15 exclusive you discovered at a sale, to a Bosch or Vitamix – and any mixer, these types of as a Kitchen area Help mixer, these ideas can do the job just as very well.

Right here are the 3 uncommon takes advantage of for your kitchen mixer-blender:


A good deal of folks haul out a major bowl or pot and try to hand-stir the ingredients into their meatloaf.

Considering the fact that a automobile accident a couple many years ago, my arms and shoulders aren’t incredibly potent. So, I throw the floor meat, the eggs, the bread crumbs, the Worcestershire sauce, the tomato paste, and the seasonings into the bowl of my Blendtec mixer. Then, I use the dough-kneading attachment to mix it extensively.

My meatloaf meals are famous. Individuals don’t have an understanding of why my meatloaf turns out so otherwise from theirs. The simple remedy is, mine is extensively combined. Regularity will make all the variance!

Pumpkin or Pecan Pie

I use my mixer for pumpkin pies and pecan pies. My pies often entice raves from pals and loved ones.

Nevertheless, I have yet another excellent pie recipe. It’s a mixture pumpkin and pecan pie. I start with a geared up pie crust and unfold the pecan pie combination about it. That combination is chopped pecans, brown sugar, and possibly a drizzle of honey.

Over that, I pour the pumpkin pie filling. It’s generally the geared up, mashed pumpkin with a few of eggs, some product, sugar and seasonings. Then, I bake it.

The mystery is the mixer. Most folks mix pie ingredients by hand, in a bowl. That’s alright, but it will not transform your pecan pie into a gourmet delight.

I just take the pecan pie ingredients, and mix them applying the whisk-style attachment for my Blendtec mixer. When that’s extensively combined, the completed pie preferences a lot superior. There are no more-dry bites with just pecan pieces, and no oh-my-goodness bites with way too a lot cinnamon or cloves.

Then, I rinse the bowl (it doesn’t have to be pristine for the upcoming move) and whip jointly the pumpkin pie ingredients. I use a rapid environment – close to four on my Blendtec Blend n’ Blend – for about 20 seconds, until eventually the combination is mild and fluffy.

That’s what I pour (or spoon) about the pecan pie ingredients, just before I bake the pie in the oven.

When I provide this at Thanksgiving or Xmas, I top rated it with prosperous vanilla ice product. My guests rave about this dessert.


My loved ones avoids artificial ingredients and elaborate sweeteners. Nevertheless, as a lot as we like retailer-bought eggnog, it truly is virtually impossible to come across “serious” eggnog devoid of individuals elaborate sweeteners… and a couple artificial flavors and preservatives.

Real eggnog is ridiculously simple to make. It’s a mix of entire eggs, milk, and any sweetener. That’s the entire recipe, correct there.

For wholesome eggnog, you can use honey. Normally, sugar performs very well. For one thing that preferences similar to the not-so-wholesome retailer-bought eggnogs, use confectioners (powdered) sugar. Add a sprint of vanilla and nutmeg, and you might be all established.

You can even include more ingredients to match the gourmet eggnogs at the retailer. A minimal cooked (or straight from the can) mashed pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice can include richness.

Or, more vanilla and some heavy product will give that “French vanilla” taste. Add some product and a couple drops of peppermint taste for a “sweet cane” eggnog.

You are going to detect that I didn’t deliver an exact recipe. That’s mainly because you don’t will need one. Nearly any mix of these ingredients will make a good eggnog. When you’ve combined it up in your mixer (like a Blendtec or Kitchen area Help blender), flavor it and change the ingredients to fit your loved ones.

Nevertheless, folks often inquire me about the security of uncooked eggs. If you’ve found Tv set cooks these types of as Martha Stewart get ready eggnog, you may possibly have found them use uncooked eggs, way too.

Since we use organic and natural eggs that we acquire from a nearby farmer we rely on, we hardly ever prepare dinner our eggnog. It’s often been wonderful. That’s a danger we just take, but for foods security factors, we can’t endorse it to other folks.

Specifically if you might be applying retailer-bought eggs, start with refreshing, refrigerated grade A or AA eggs. Be guaranteed the shells are intact and clean, and don’t have even a hint of a crack in them. Some folks wash the eggs – just before cracking them – with anti-bacterial dish cleaning soap, and then rinse them extensively. After that, be incredibly guaranteed the egg whites and yolks have small contact with the shells, and wash your arms very well, after cracking them. Normally, the salmonella is on the exterior of the shell, not in the egg itself, until eventually you crack it.

For more treatment, it truly is good to warmth your eggnog in a saucepan. You are going to warmth it virtually to boiling, but not really. The sweet thermometer must attain 160 degrees, and you may will need to stir the eggnog steadily or the eggs will coagulate. (If they do, don’t stress. I am going to clarify that, below.)

Here is a suggestion if you like rum or bourbon in your eggnog: If you include the liquor just before you warmth the eggnog, the alcoholic beverages may possibly evaporate owing to the high temperatures. That retains the taste of the liquor, but the lacking alcoholic beverages suggests the eggnog is safer for youngsters. On the other hand, if you might be serving your eggnog as an alcoholic beverage, include the liquor correct just before you provide the eggnog.

When you’ve heated the eggnog, enable it cool. If it truly is turn into lumpy – and it ordinarily has – you may use your Blendtec blender (or any kitchen blender) to whirl it smooth again. Gradually enhance the blender velocity until eventually you might be around the speediest environment. That’s what breaks up the bits of egg.
If lumps stay, pour the eggnog through a kitchen sieve, strainer or colander. Press the lumps through, applying a spoon. (Wooden or plastic spoons do the job very best.)

Then, refrigerate the eggnog until eventually it truly is chilled and refreshing. If you’ve used uncooked eggs, you may will need to provide it in a couple hours. If you’ve cooked your eggnog, it will ordinarily remain refreshing for two or 3 times. (It will not past that very long. Anyone loves homemade eggnog, and it truly is wholesome enough to provide as an option to “immediate breakfast” merchandise.)

When I provide eggnog to guests, most of them can’t convey to it truly is homemade. They’re guaranteed I bought some excellent gourmet eggnog.

A single additional suggestion: If you might be making “product of one thing” soup from scratch and it turns out lumpy, use your blender to whirl it to an even regularity. You may possibly like it even superior than overpriced canned soups you used to acquire.

So, now you know 3 uncommon approaches to use your mixer-blender. In my kitchen, I am applying a Blendtec Blend n’ Blend. It’s an appliance I have used happily for additional than 15 many years, and when this one wears out, I am going to acquire yet another one.

When you’ve tried out these 3 uncommon approaches to use your mixer-blender, I am guaranteed you may come across other schedule kitchen chores you can make less complicated with a mixer-blender, way too.

Source by Sarah Skye

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