The Art of Flambe

Time for a dinner with a extraordinary contact? Do you need one thing stunning with which to impress your attendees? The following time you get the urge to prepare a fancy, yet enjoyable, meal, feel flambé.

Flambé, a French time period, usually means “flamed” or “flaming.” The method requires environment fireplace to food items which have experienced liquor or liqueur additional. Not only does the chef make a stunning presentation but also bonds the abundant taste of the liqueur to the food items with out adding any alcoholic material.

Flambéing is a culinary approach that is each previous and new. To grill foods and then adding sauce is a observe as previous as cooking itself. Flambéing grew to become a acknowledged method of theatrical show in the dining area, guaranteeing a meal to impress all, in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century France. Not only did the alcohol supply additional taste but gave the chef the prospect to become a showman.

Even even though flambé provides the chef a likelihood to have enjoyable, it will have to be remembered the approach has the potential to be harmful. Often observe fireplace basic safety.

The approach itself is quite basic, supplying the chef follows the protocol very diligently. Set out all the necessary components (mise en put) and cooking applications (flambé pan, long-handled matches, a big lid to smother flames in situation of crisis, etc.) Pick brandy or 80-proof liquor or liqueur. There is far too significantly likelihood of an out-of-command fireplace if the liquor has a larger proof. The alcohol should be complementary to the foods staying cooked use a fruit-flavored brandy for desserts and fruits whilst meats call for cognac or whiskey. Pick a pan that has rounded but large sides and a long manage, but no nonstick area. Flambé pans, significantly like other pans, are readily available in a huge variety of selling prices. If you approach on carrying out a great offer of flambéing, it will be well worth your whilst to buy a large-finish pan the pan will be using tough use.


  • Utilizing a saucepan with large edges, heat the brandy or liquor until eventually bubbles get started to type all over the rim. Liquor boils at 175º F. Alternately, use a microwave oven for thirty to forty five seconds at 100 p.c electric power.
  • Do not pour liquor straight from the bottle into the flambé pan if it is close to an open up flame. Performing it could cost you your daily life or at minimum grievous personal injury the flame can journey together the stream of alcohol back again into the bottle and poof! immediate conflagration.
  • The foods will have to be adequately warm or it will not alight. The dish as perfectly will have to also be warm. These disorders will have to be existing for flames.
  • Promptly gentle the flambé pan the moment the alcohol has been additional. If the alcohol sits for far too long, the foods will reabsorb it and have a severe taste. Bear in mind to gentle the alcohol fumes at the edge of the pan, working with a long barbecue-style match. Do not get far too shut to the lit pan or enable your outfits or long hair to occur into a zone where by there could be an immediate blaze.
  • Allow for the foods to cook dinner until eventually there is no much more flame this will come about when all the alcohol has burned itself off. If you want to keep some of the alcohol taste, use a big lid to snuff out the flames or incorporate further more alcohol or stock.
  • As quickly as the flames disappear, dish out the foods.

Just creating a flame on foods is not actually flambéing. For foods to be actually flambéed, a sauce with alcohol on it will have to undergo a chemical reaction. Several food items are unable to release their true flavors with out the support of alcohol intervention. Also, a pinch of cinnamon will flame and release its very own distinctive taste.

When deciding upon a liquor to use in your flambé, get started with one particular that is at minimum 80 proof or forty% alcohol by quantity. Take into account brandy, cognac, dim rum, whiskey, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or Triple Sec.

Flambé is not constrained only to meat. Permit your imagination go. Who knows where by it will land? As perfectly as meat, flambé can be employed on salads (try out flambéing spinach with really hard boiled egg) or fruits, to classy desserts these as Bananas Foster, Crêpes Suzette, and Cherries Jubilee.

Resource by Terry Kaufman

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