That’s Not Gumbo, That’s Just Undesirable Soup! This Cajun Gumbo Recipe is the True Offer

Go into any city that has a cafe that capabilities Cajun food items and they will boast about how their Cajun gumbo recipe is the most effective in the city. Even so, for all those of us that are from Cajun nation, we generally wander away with an vacant tummy since of the disappointing dishes that they provide. Significantly also numerous people today just take avoidable privileges with 1 of our most sacred dishes.

A serious Cajun gumbo recipe is not a thing that lends itself to “contemporary flare.” Even though just about every chef wishes to put their individual minimal twist into their recipes, there are certain items about a Cajun gumbo recipe that really should not be messed with. The two most common violations that I obtain when traveling is that they are mixing seafood with meat (an absolute forbidden for a genuine Cajun) and they do not use a roux.

Just about just about every authentic Cajun gumbo recipe that you will obtain will be either hen and sausage or seafood. For some explanation, these wannabe Cajun cooks think that they can toss every little thing into the pot to make it their individual exclusive gumbo. Effectively, it could be exclusive, but it confident as hell would not be served by any respectable Cajun cook dinner.

A different issue that is generally identified in pseudo Cajun gumbo recipes is some sort of substitution for the roux. Enable me say this evidently and loudly so that there is no misunderstanding, “IF THERE IS NO ROUX, THEN THERE IS NO GUMBO!” Sorry for shouting, but people today are seeking to extravagant a thing up by substituting crimson wine or some “gourmand” tomato mix, and all they finish up accomplishing is ruining a good Cajun gumbo recipe.

Even though I would commonly not do this, I truly feel sorry for all those of you that have not experienced the pleasure of essentially tasting a serious Cajun gumbo recipe so I am likely to trust you with a thing that I have saved shut to the vest from the very 1st day I stepped into a kitchen area. As far as I am involved, this is the Holy Grail of the Hen & Sausage Cajun Gumbo recipes. It goes a minimal like this:

two # boneless hen breast (cubed & seasoned)
two # boneless hen thighs (cubed & seasoned)
one # Andouille or smoked sausage (cubed)
twenty oz hen stock
one one/four gal water
16 oz Savoies dark roux
two c chopped onion
½ c chopped bell pepper
T minced garlic
one bay leaf
one c chopped green onion and parsley (New)


one.Most failed tries at earning Gumbo reside with water/stock to roux ratio. It is important to use the suitable total of roux. The thought is to increase ample roux to the water to clear away all clarity plus (two) tbls +/- to attain preferred heartiness. If you can see through it, you will have to increase a different tablespoon of roux.

two.Keep an eye on the amount of stock during cooking, it may possibly boil out and grow to be concentrated. Just increase more water really should this take place.


Deliver one one/four gal water to a boil – increase hen stock, roux and dissolve as described earlier mentioned -Add Onion, Bell pepper, garlic, bay leaf & sausage – simmer 15-twenty min. Add hen–convey to a boil then increase chopped green onion & parsley and simmer 15-twenty minutes.

Time to style with Tony Chachere Cajun Seasoning (it is my preferred mix). It is significant to change the seasoning at the finish since soups will boil out and could get concentrated resulting in an about seasoned or salty Gumbo. Roux centered gumbos & sauces really should be, at the least, salted to mix all the flavors adequately.

I like to provide gumbo in a large bowl w/modest part of cooked white rice with a slice of Garlic French Bread and a Baked Sweet Potato to compliment the dish.

Bon Urge for food!

Supply by Chad Nepveaux

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