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The Recipes and Foods of Egypt

Egypt is a country bordering the Mediterranean that straddles the continents of Africa and Asia. It is an ancient land, with a civilization extending back at least 8000 years. Originally Egypt was called km.t an Egyptian word meaning 'the Black land' and named after the black fertile silts deposited by the Nile river upon it's …

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Preparing The Menu For Your Coffee Shop Business

Preparing a menu for your coffee shop business is not difficult to do. Your coffee shop menu will only consist limited food that are favorite breakfast, lunch and snack items. When we say favorite, it does not need to have unhealthy food items. Customers these days are more conscious of the food they eat, and …

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The Difference Between Homemade and Jarred Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Is There A Difference Between Jarred and Homemade Sauces? If you love pasta sauce, then you know there's a constant debate going on about whether or not jarred pasta sauce is as good as homemade. This is a debate that just goes back and forth, with people choosing one side, and then another. Of course, …

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Sweet Gourmet: Baking Chocolate Guide

Several types of chocolate may be used when baking cookies, pies, cakes, bars, and other sweet treats. The amount of cocoa butter and sugar can affect the texture and taste of chocolate – from bitter to very sweet. Below is a quick guide to the most popular kinds of chocolate used in baked goods. ** …

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Pasta – Fabulous Gourmet Recipes

FABULOUS PASTA RECIPES LINGUINE THAI PRAWN BALLS 1 pkt (375grams) Plain Linguini 200g green King Prawns pealed and chopped 80g bean shoots 1 bunch Coriander. Leaves and roots, roughly chopped 1 bunch Basil, roughly chopped 50g peanuts, roughly chopped 1 tbsp grated ginger 2 Kaffir lime leaves finely sliced 4tbsp seafood curry paste 3 free …

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What You Should Know About Gluten Free Popcorn

All types of corn are gluten-free. One type of this whole-grain food is popcorn. When this kernel is heated, it puffs up. That is how the all time favorite snack came about. Like corn, there are many naturally gluten-free foods out there. These include fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs, fresh meats, poultry and fish, most …

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Purchase Gourmet Popcorn For Yourself Or As a Present

Lots of my friends have children and although I do not, I'm somehow usually invited to birthday parties, confirmations, graduations, and other similar events. As I'm positive you know, only parents, grandparents, and other close relatives find these occasions endearing, so I either send my regrets for not to be able to attend or just …

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5 Gourmet Hacked Cheap And Fast Meals

Eating healthy on a tight schedule and budget can be difficult, but gets so much easier with practice. Knowing myself to cheap out on the bulk of my ingredients and prep time, and supplement them with fresh produce and some special add-ons have transformed my life. Instead of stressing over time and the pressure to …

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So You Are the Keynote Speaker

Tonight's Program is in your hand. Three quarters down, in bold print, you read your name. The dark letters stand out in conspicuous relief to remind you of what you already know and have feared for the past several weeks. You are the keynote speaker for the evening. The preliminary agenda printed on the elaborate …

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