Sugar Substitute in Tea: Fruit Flavoring

I know I’m on the record as being no fan of processed crap, but I’m not a purist when it comes to iced tea. If manufacturers want to add a little fruit flavoring, I’ll take it over sweeteners. And this is my latest addiction, made with 1 percent each peach and passion fruit flavoring. Endless glasses are getting me through this miserable week while NYC feels hotter than a pizza oven. Ahmad Tea, which is cheap at about $2.99, is almost worth buying for the box alone: The ingredient list is in at least a dozen languages. Talk about universal appeal. My usual tea is Earl Grey, and of course that’s flavored, too, but with respectable bergamot. What’s funny is that we once took a wine course that taught us never to say sweet in describing what we were drinking or looking to buy. “Fruity” was the proper word. Now I see stores are giving over whole aisles to “sweet” wines. I only add lime juice to my tea, so it will always qualify as fruity.

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