Scotsman’s CU50: High quality Ice for Any Event

We have devoted a excellent offer of time conversing about Scotsman’s NU130 in the earlier, and now we change our emphasis to its shut relative – the CU50 Gourmet Ice Maker. These have been two of Scotsman’s most common ice devices for fairly some time, as just about every can make a exceptional, remarkably coveted ice variety (the NU130 can make the nation’s preferred nugget ice whilst the CU50 generates connoisseur cubes). Though the NU130 has been discontinued, the CU50 is nonetheless alive and earning ice, and the ice it can make has been expanding in attractiveness as the community turns into much more aware of it.

The most recurrent complaint regarding ice and ice makers is commonly about the excellent of the ice that their ice maker generates. This is commonly mainly because inferior ice melts quickly, diluting the flavor of the drinks it cools. With ice from the Scotsman CU50, this trouble is removed absolutely. The CU50 generates connoisseur ice- the slowest melting, purest variety of ice out there. The top secret of the CU50’s ice is in the way it is designed. Drinking water is sprayed upwards into a collection of smaller cylinders on the evaporator plate. These resemble smaller hanging bells, or upside down shot glasses. Only the purest h2o freezes on make contact with, whilst denser, mineral and sediment laden h2o falls again into the reservoir. The cycle repeats until cubes are shaped, which tumble into the self-contained ice storage bin.

This exceptional freezing procedure makes it possible for Scotsman’s CU50 to generate what are regarded as connoisseur ice cubes. They are supplied this identify owing to their classy visual appeal, and their capability to maintain a drink awesome for an extended period of time, melting pretty little by little. The only disadvantage of this undercounter ice maker from Scotsman is that it generates a most of 65 kilos of ice per day, and stores 26 kilos of ice. These values are not extremely substantial, so the CU50 is much more suitable for all those with reduced amount ice needs – all those in personal residences, clubs, workplaces, or suites.

Gourmet ice has been lauded and praised for its capability to awesome drinks without the need of extensively diluting them. This can make it the most effective preference for all those that like their spirits or liquors “on the rocks”. Just one to 3 cubes will suffice, and will not tarnish the flavor of your spirit the way reduced excellent ice may. The CU50 is a fantastic ancillary ice maker for bars with a excellent scotch, whiskey, or bourbon selection, and the cubes made by Scotsman’s CU50 are an fantastic address for all those who delight in their drinks with a number of ice cubes.

There are a number of extra attributes that make the CU50 from Scotsman an fantastic preference. Its vitality efficiency is apparent by its Electricity Star qualification and NSF approval. The handle panel of the CU50 can make operation straightforward, supplying tricky and small h2o alerts and reminding the operator of cleaning schedules. In contrast to other undercounter ice makers, the CU50 is approved for outside use, earning it an fantastic addition to the deck, patio, or pool are. This ice maker from Scotsman is also out there with a gravity drain, or a drain pump if desired.

For all those that yearn for substantial excellent ice, there are number of ice makers that can contend with Scotsman’s CU50. With the capability to in good shape in almost wherever with its compact dimension, along with its small amount vitality needs, you have received to give the CU50 from Scotsman a little bit of thought when looking for a new undercounter ice maker.

Resource by Alexandre Gudraitis

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