Potato and Egg Salad

My grandmother is the queen of potato salad. I have still to locate any person who can out do her in the making of potato salad. Not everybody can make it where it preferences superior. Most recipes I&#39ve tasted are genuinely bland. She is the go to man or woman for this aspect dish, and there have truly been arguments around who was heading to consume the past serving of it. I have tried using to mimic her potato salad, but I guess its care and preparing that will make her stand out. I can arrive near to it simply because I have viewed her make it a lot of instances and know the ingredients she works by using. She has not manufactured it in decades because of to her previous age and can not bear in mind particularly how she helps make it often, but I can occur fairly near to her edition with her advising me how to make it. In this article, I am likely to share with you our potato salad recipe.


5 to 6 potatoes (if possible Idaho potatoes)

2 stalks celery

1 tiny onion

G eco-friendly pepper

C cup sweet relish

C cup wonder whip

C cup mayonnaise

Half dozen tough-boiled eggs

2 Tbsp pimento

1 Tbsp mustard


Salt and pepper

My grandmother does not make her potato salad with everything other than Idaho potatoes maybe that is why hers flavor so a lot far better than mine because I use regardless of what potatoes I have. Peel the potatoes, dice them, and set into boiling salted drinking water. In one more pot place eggs in the pot and go over with h2o. I increase salt to the h2o mainly because it&#39s supposedly to aid peel the eggs far better. Cook dinner potatoes right up until you can insert a fork but not slipping apart. Drain the potatoes and place in a bowl and established in the refrigerator to great. Meanwhile chop your onion, celery and eco-friendly pepper. Following your potatoes have cooled include the chopped greens to the bowl. Operate chilly drinking water more than the tricky-boiled eggs to neat them off and take out the shells. Chop 50 % of the eggs and include to bowl. Salt and pepper the mixture. Then include the mayo, wonder whip and mustard alongside with the sweet relish. Mix all the elements together. If it desires more salad dressing, insert much more to it as desired. Slice the relaxation of the tricky-boiled eggs and layer them on top rated of the salad. Sprinkle the salad with paprika deal with and refrigerate. The lengthier it sets the better it taste the following day.

Source by Natasha Carmon

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