Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Tips for Alternate options to the Theater Model

If you like popcorn, then most possible you may want to obtain the perfect popcorn butter dispenser.

Industrial butter dispensers are expensive and can choose up a good deal of area. Is there an option to the butter dispensers you obtain at the theater?

Your Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Theater Model or Make Do at Household?

When you acquire popcorn at the motion picture theater, the salesperson will most possible question you if you want butter on it.

The theater may possibly deliver real melted butter, or they may possibly have some sort of melted butter-flavored liquid things (generally named “buttery topping”) that they will squirt on the popcorn from a box with a huge dispenser pump on top rated.

Possibly way, the popcorn is delicious!

Is this the style of popcorn you want to get pleasure from at dwelling? A lot of men and women do.

So you have a preference. You can decide for the real detail, a commercial popcorn butter dispenser that retains the butter melted and ready to pour on your popped treat, or you can make do with an option dispenser.

Theater Popcorn Butter Dispensers Can Be Pretty High-priced

The butter dispensers you obtain at the theater are commercial designs, and when they do a good occupation at maintaining the butter melted at just the correct temperature, they are extremely expensive.

On the other hand, melting butter on your stove is a little bit of a haphazard detail. If you retain the butter on the stove with the burner lit underneath it, the butter stays melted but it may possibly also burn off. It is not pleasurable to pour burned butter on your popcorn treat. Yuck.

Industrial popcorn butter dispensers do a wonderful occupation at maintaining the butter melted at just the correct temperature.

These designs have a stainless steel tub inside of the dispenser that is surrounded by scorching drinking water. The dispenser has a hotter in it that retains the drinking water at just the correct temperature to maintain the butter at melting level. When the working day is above, the stainless steel tub of butter is eradicated and positioned in the fridge and the dispenser is unplugged. No squander, no stress.

Nonetheless, charges for these theater popcorn butter dispensers normally begin at about $150 and go up to as substantially as $four hundred. There are even some designs that operate far more than $one thousand.

For most men and women, spending that variety of cash on a peripheral product is ridiculous!

Test These Substitute Popcorn Butter Dispensers at Household

Locating an option to the theater popcorn butter dispensers is basically a prevalent thread on message boards.

A lot of men and women balk at the plan of spending hundreds of dollars on anything they may possibly use sporadically.

Alternatively, others have proposed applying a ceramic fondue pot as an option popcorn butter dispenser.

The fondue pot typically makes use of a little lit votive candle or Sterno can to soften the contents of the pot. It can do the job nicely to retain the butter melted at just the correct temperature without having burning.

Photograph applying this style of pot and candle to retain butter melted for lobster. It will work!

A single downside to the fondue pot plan is that it can be tough to pour the butter onto the popcorn without having generating a little mess.

A second recommendation is to shop eBay periodically. At times you can obtain a commercial popcorn butter dispenser for sale when someone sells their concession or theater equipment. Be aware, even though, that most possible you may be spending near to $a hundred for the dispenser, even even though it may possibly be utilized.

Numerous men and women commented that they will place some butter in a squeeze bottle and position it in the microwave for a several times. There is a concern, nonetheless, that the bottle itself may possibly soften, which could make a mess and/or lead to burns. If you try this, be extremely careful.

Test the Presto Hot Topper

A single plan that many men and women have found valuable is to glimpse for the Presto Hot Topper. This is a dispenser that is specially developed to soften butter so you can spray it on popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, pancakes or waffles, baste a turkey, and so on.

Testimonials for applying this as a popcorn butter dispenser have been very favourable, with many men and women stating they genuinely like it. A single female wrote that her young children phone the Hot Topper the “Butter Gun.” It is quick to use and quick to thoroughly clean.

A single downside is that the Hot Topper isn’t going to feel to be designed any far more by Presto. The good news is that it can be found reasonably regularly on eBay, at a rate of someplace among $5 and $20.

You may possibly decide to acquire a commercial popcorn butter dispenser, but if not, the Presto Hot Topper may possibly be your very best remedy for taking pleasure in melted butter on your popcorn.

Resource by Olivia Stanford

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