Healthy Quinoa Salad Recipes

Quinoa, a delicately flavored and quick-cooking grain, is a delicious and healthy whole-grain addition to a variety of salad recipes. These healthy quinoa salad recipes, including quinoa salad recipes with seafood and vegetarian quinoa salad recipes, are satisfying meals for lunch or dinner. Our healthy quinoa salad recipes are perfect for potlucks, packing for the office or serving for a lighter and healthy dinner. These easy quinoa recipes are also the perfect side dish for your holiday meal as well. Try making a healthy quinoa salad recipe the next time you're looking for a hearty and healthy quinoa meal.

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Recipes

Buffalo wings are a serious comfort food, but traditional versions of many Buffalo chicken recipes are seriously unhealthy. In our healthy Buffalo chicken recipes, including a Buffalo chicken wrap recipe, Buffalo chicken salad recipe, boneless Buffalo wings recipe and Buffalo chicken salad recipe, we reduced calories, saturated fat and sodium while keeping the taste intact. Try these healthy Buffalo chicken recipes for a lighter, healthier option the next time you’re craving Buffalo chicken.

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