Illustrated Housewares and Gifts from She Can Tell

Throwing the form-versus-function debate out the window, Girls Can Tell’s Sara Selepouchin creates housewares, paper goods, and gifts decorated with her own spirited line drawings, including several food and drink themes. With Girls Can Tell, Selepouchin hoped to convince people to buy her illustrations by putting them on useful items like tea towels, lunch bags, and coasters. It was a pretty easy sell. The Girls Can Tell collection is now available at boutiques from coast to coast and at major retailers like Anthropologie. You can also shop online or at Occasionette, the gift shop adjacent to the Girls Can Tell workspace in South Philadelphia. Selepouchin has a background in architecture and mechanical drawing, and does all the illustrations for Girls Can Tell. Many items are printed at the Girls Can Tell studio, and most of the line is printed in Philadelphia. Materials are either made locally, recycled, or eco-friendly. Selepouchin also tries to work with other small U.S. businesses, and to reduce the environmental footprint of her goods. In addition to her illustrations for the culinary-minded (sushi, beer, wine, pots and pans, tea, butcher’s diagrams, and kitchen utensils, to list a few), Selepouchin also has drawings designed for artists, romantics, babies, kids, travelers, guys, geeks, and green thumbs. That just might cover everyone. Visit the Girls Can Tell Web site for more information and to shop online (prices start at $4).

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