Ice Cream for the Coolest July on Record

Maybe because July is National Ice Cream Month, or maybe because the heat index here in New York keeps climbing toward the triple digits, I can’t get enough of cold desserts. And apparently I have lots of company: “Ice cream recipe” hit its annual peak in Google search last July, and this June’s search stats suggest a similar pattern, with “ice cream” on the rise along with the mercury. Vanilla may be America’s favorite flavor, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, but Yahoo!’s search statisticians put strawberry in first place among popular preoccupations over the past 30 days. No matter, there’s a flavor (or two or three–remember Neapolitan?) and a form (sorbet, popsicles, frozen yogurt…) for everyone. Chances are, choosing is the hard part. So when in doubt, here are some great ice cream recipes to try: 37 homemade ice cream recipes Fruity and creamy paletas, like the ones pictured here at Cartagena’s La Paletteria (home of a truly cooling yogurt Frambuesa) Ice cream cakes Ice cream pies 13 of our coolest pops 100+ frozen yogurt recipes A summer’s worth of sorbets Homemade gelato recipes What ice creams–homemade, small-batch, or supermarket standouts–are keeping you cool and content this summer?

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