How to Get Your Child to Like a Certain Food? Offer It 12 Times!

We’ve reached an exciting milestone in my house this week: My 3-year-old finally likes hummus! (I know–too much excitement! Try to contain yourselves.) It seems it took us forever to get my daughter to come around to it–and we tried both homemade and store-bought hummus, used it as a dip as well as on sandwiches, and experimented with different herbs and flavorings. All told, I’m guessing we made between 8 and 12 attempts. And 12 just happens to be the magic number of times MyPlate recommends you offer a child a food before she becomes accustomed to it. 12! Of course, we’re not sure why it took my daughter so long to cotton to hummus–for all we know, maybe she just hated the sound of the word. Nor, for that matter, do we know why she finally started to like it. We’ve been trying (emphasis on trying) our best to make meals fun and talk to her about how her body needs certain foods to grow, but–who knows?–she may have simply needed to smell it, feel it in her mouth it a dozen times before she developed a taste for it. Either way, what really matters to us is that we now have one more awesome healthy and easy food to incorporate into her meal and snack arsenal. And in the grand scheme of things 10 or 12 attempts is no big deal when we think about the oddles of delicious, nutritious packed lunches she will get out of one of the most versatile, protein-filled foods out there. Hooray for hummus! How many times would you typically offer your child a food before she likes it? (Pictured: Hummus and Feta Sandwiches on Whole Grain Bread)

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