Gaming Grub

For many years, I held a standing Sunday afternoon mah jongg brunch–college friends would drop by to play a few games while drinking potent bloody Marys and eating my grandmother’s coffee cake and my slightly well-done frittata. These lazy events gave me a chance to hone my snackmaking skills, and while nothing I made back then was particularly stellar (OK, the bloody Marys were), the food seemed to satisfy the transient crowd. A Sunday work shift killed game, but not my love for a good three hours of grazing and playing mah jongg. My new group tends to meet in the evenings at rotating locations. English pasties and meze plates are some of the recent snacks we’ve enjoyed while discarding craks and bams. I’m always looking for new game food inspiration. Are there any mah jongg, poker, or bridge players out there with favorite recipe ideas? What snacks do you serve when games are involved? (Photo of the Green Dragon III: Sara Bonisteel)

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