Food News Round-Up: Death and Taxes

The IRS Gets Its Slice: Remember that Kentucky man who, in his will, asked that his family leave a $500 tip for a waiter on a pizza? Well, brother has continued to do that just that. And now an expert considers the tax consequences for the giftees. Toilet Chatter: Customers (including me) judge restaurants by their bathrooms, apparently. Now they’re sharing their experiences on social media. And restaurant chains are paying attention. Bananas FUBAR: Legendary New Orleans restaurant Brennan’s, where bananas Foster was invented, not only suddenly shut its doors (temporarily?) — apparently thanks to an infamously long and bitter family feud — it also stiffed its suddenly jobless staff of a week’s pay. Keep Cool, Dude: The oldest fridge in the world — a $300 GE model sold between 1929 and 1931 — has a weird ball on top. Oh, and is still keeping its owners’ OJ, butter and watermelon cold. Bad July 4th Etiquette: A hungry Connecticut man crashed a Fourth of July barbecue and demanded food. When he was refused, he left and returned with a gun. A BB gun.

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