Figs at Comodo

This morning I waltzed into our walk-in fridge at Comodo to find everything in place, except for a large case of figs that I don’t remember ordering. As I looked closer, I saw that it was left as a gift from a new purveyor of ours. I thought I died and went to heaven. I love figs. I’m not a huge Fig Newton fan (Lauren, I am dying for your homemade version though), but I still love figs. Last week I randomly used them in a toasted kale salad with not much else, and I was pleased with the result. So here I am with a case of beautiful figs. What to do with them? I’m either going to eat all of them (trust me I could), or come up with a recipe to turn fig haters into fig lovers. As I contemplate the possibilities, I’m uncertain of which direction to go. I’ve been thinking about doing something savory, perhaps a salad. But then I jumped to the idea of making an ice cream out of it in honor of the surreal fig gelato they serve at Eataly. My only problem there would be, what would make it Latin-inspired?

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