Fashion Week Restaurants and Bars

Fashion week comes to New York City this week, kicking off a solid month of shows and celebrations as the scene moves on to London, Milan, and then Paris. Among fashion professionals, the long days are famous, the nights occasionally infamous. Now that food and fashion are officially on friendly terms, we asked Matthew Schneier (right), deputy editor of the powerhouse site, which restaurants and bars here and in Europe’s fashion capitals are magnets for the catwalk crowd and continent-hopping party people. What are the hottest restaurants and bars in New York during this week’s Spring 2014 ready-to-wear shows? The most buzz I’ve been hearing is for the East Pole, the new restaurant from Ben Towill and Phil Winser of the Fat Radish, which has just opened on the Upper East Side. That’s not exactly ground zero for fashion, though, so I expect the standards will keep going strong: Indochine, the Smile, Bar Pitti, and the Standard. (No standard/Standard pun intended.) If you’re up at the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week space in Lincoln Center, Jonathan Benno’s Lincoln is a great place to stop in for a quick drink, as no one else seems to have thought of it yet. It’s got a build-your-own-Negroni bar, so you can squeeze in the last few Campari-stained sips of summer before the season ends. It’s expense-account only, though–somebody else’s. If the starving fashion editor stereotype is a little out of date, the challenge remains of finding time between shows to grab a bite. What do you eat to fuel your crazy schedule? You may see more juice than solid food during fashion week, but most of us need fuel for 16-hour days of shows, appointments, and parties. It is true that there’s not much time to stop and eat, so between shows, I tend to hoard trail mix, fruit, and the occasional Fiber One bar or bag of Walgreen’s candy–in the past, they’ve sponsored the uptown [Lincoln Center] and downtown [Milk Studios] venues, respectively. As with any marathon, hydration is important. Usually somewhere near the end of the week, exhausted and nearly comatose, I skulk to the Artichoke Pizza on 10th Avenue to secretly eat a week’s worth of calories in one sitting (and slice). When the fashion juggernaut rolls on to Europe later this month, what are a few of the favorite hangouts there? In Europe, I think there are fewer places that absolutely everybody goes to–it’s more about finding your own little places, since there tend to be fewer large dinners. In London, everybody loves Shrimpy’s from the Bistrotheque gang. In Milan, there are more dinners, and just about everyone is inevitably at one of the Giacomo restaurants: Da Giacomo, Giacomo Bistrot, and Giacomo Arengario. In Paris, the old guard still goes to Davé for nostalgia’s sake, while the more adventurous trek to Au Passage, or more recently, Le 6 Paul Bert. My own current favorite in Paris is Bones in the 11th, but that’s more a fashion escape than a…

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