Fake Restaurant Garners Great Reviews

Ever base your restaurant choice on user-submitted online reviews? Wondered what those people were thinking? Well, The Telegraph reported yesterday on the disgruntled friend of a hotel owner who suspected rival eateries were panning his buddy’s place. He retaliated by making up a restaurant to highlight the dubious nature of some online reviews. “Oscar’s” had “mind-blowing” Michelin-star-earning food to rival the world’s best, according to its profile on TripAdvisor, and was set in a picturesque fishing village in Devon, England. In reality, though, diners turned up to find the address was just a deserted alley. “Upon investigation, as this property doesn’t meet our listing guidelines, the listing has been removed,” a TripAdvisor spokesman told The Telegraph. I guess a restaurant has to actually exist to justify its place in the listings. As one fake review of Oscar’s had noted, “there is an unbelievable quality about it.” No doubt the duped diners who traipsed there will concur. Do you post reviews of restaurants online? And do you read other people’s reviews to get a sense of a restaurant? How accurate do you find user reviews?

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