Epicurious’ Dinner Rush Magazine Hits Newsstands

Every weeknight, I come home from a long day at work, and three boys/men say to me, usually simultaneously, “Hi. What’s for dinner?” Nary a how-was-your-day to cushion my greeting? I barely have time to kick off my shoes and plug in my phone before the wailing begins…”I’m staaaarrrvvving. When can we eat?” Even though I’m a food professional and confident home cook, it can get tiresome and stressful. I know this scenario plays out in millions of households every night, so even though we have a beloved app (downloaded more than 9 million times!), an authoritative web site, and a New York Times’ best-selling Epicurious Cookbook, we thought a special edition print magazine based on our very popular Dinner Rush column might really provide an invaluable service to everyone who has to get dinner on the table quickly, but doesn’t want to sacrifice flavor. The Epicurious Dinner Rush: 156 Fast Weeknight Favorites is organized the way you cook–seasonally, with items and ingredients you’re likely to have on hand or can get at the store, and make in under an hour. We provide 10 weeknight menus per season, as well as additional versatile sides that can go with all of them. A Thursday Summer menu comprises Barbecued Pork Burgers with Slaw, Sweet-Hot BBQ Tater Fries, and a Strawberry-Chocolate Freezer Pie. The magazine is also jam-packed with little tips that make big differences: Have asparagus on hand? We explain how to choose the freshest stalks, various cooking methods, and simple but unique ways to prepare them. Plus, we’ve done the work for you and created a weekly shopping list for the week’s worth of menus. Finally, because we wanted to think of everything to make your life easier, we’ve provided short URLs so if you love the recipe, you can type it into your browser, and it will automatically be saved into your Epicurious recipe box. Epicurious Dinner Rush is on sale until November at Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, Whole Foods, and other retailers in the United States and Canada for $11.99. I’m going to hand one to my boys tonight so that tomorrow, I can walk in and say, “Hi. What’s for dinner?”

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