Eating in Nepal

New Jersey native Maggie Doyne is an amazing young woman who took a year out before college to travel. She ended up in Nepal, met young girls breaking rocks at the side of the road and discovered they were orphans, and founded a children’s home and school. Now she’s mom to 40 kids and runs an elementary school, recently opened a women’s center to teach sewing and other skills, and is breaking ground on a high school. People are naturally curious about her life in Nepal, so Maggie described her food and meals on her blog. “Nepal is one of the most food-deficit countries in the world, yet just about everyone subsistence farms,” she explains. “Food is never wasted and always shared. At Kopila Valley, we try to grow as much of our own food as possible. Every square inch of our yard and our neighbors’ is covered with vegetables and fruit trees. We plant and eat whatever is in season. For example, we’ll grow broccoli, that’s all we eat for 2 weeks and then when it’s finished, we move onto the next vegetable, like green beans, peas, pumpkin, or mustard greens. What we don’t grow, we source from local farmers.” Meat is only on the menu one night a week. “We try to eat animals that we raise,” she writes. “We almost always slaughter and butcher them ourselves. Our entire family eats about 14 chickens for dinner. It’s really sad when one of the uncles comes on the motorcycle carrying them all alive. An hour later they are in our soup. It’s definitely different than buying meat at the grocery store.” Maggie’s interesting in learning about making cheese with her kids. “There is an abundance of yak cheese but we don’t like it all that much,” she says. “It smells a little funky.” Any tips for Maggie on cheesemaking? Post any advice here and on the BlinkNow blog, please. And if you’re interested in paying for a nutritious lunch for a Kopila Valley student, click here. Photo:

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