Easy Chili Recipes

There's nothing more enticing than walking into the kitchen and taking in the heady scent of onion, garlic and chili powder from a big pot of chili bubbling on the stove. And if you’re throwing a party, serving up steaming bowls of chili with all the fixings is a fun, casual way to serve a crowd. Try a healthy white chili recipe, a classic beef chili recipe or a hearty vegetarian chili recipe packed with vegetables and spices. Any way you stir it, it's time to get out your pot and cook up some chili. <strong><a href="http://www.eatingwell.com/free_downloads/healthy_soup_stew_chili_recipes_cookbook">Download a Free Healthy Recipe Cookbook for Chili, Soups and Stews!</a></strong>
Cowboy Beef & Bean Chili
Tomatillo & Pork Chili
Lamb & White Bean Chili
White Turkey Chili
Buffalo & Black Bean Chili
Half-Hour Chili
White Chili
Lamb & Chickpea Chili
Cincinnati Chili

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