Do You Know What a Robotic Coupe Blixer Is?

Robot Coupe has manufactured all forms of kitchen gear to make cooking a lot easier for the active chef. Their range involves mixers, vegetable planning equipment, cutters, graters, dicing machines and now a blixer. It really is obvious to see that they specialize in foodstuff preparation equipment that get the drudgery out of reducing, peeling, dicing, and grating. Now that they’ve prolonged their array to contain a blixer, it will make the catering enterprise so a lot extra exciting.

But what is a Robot Coupe Blixer and what can it do for you?

Perfectly, in short, it is a combination of both equally a blender and a mixer. It takes the very best features of a blender and a mixer and combines them into 1 piece of versatile kitchen area machines. This eradicates the need for two individual devices and is for that reason place conserving too.

The Robot Coupe Blixer’s options incorporate:

• A stainless metal motor shaft that is hygienic and lengthy long lasting. It is constructed for constant and standard use.

• It has a pulse perform for the swift blending of hard or challenging ingredients these kinds of as root greens.

• The induction motor is trusted and strong. It is a high quality motor that is created for standard use.

• It has a magnetic safety process and a motor brake that assures your basic safety throughout use. It will cut-out when it is above ability.

• It has a higher liquid ability bowl. So you can mix or blend components of up to two litres.

• It features a sealed lid. We all know how required this is. No just one needs the substances to land all over you and your kitchen.

• The bowl and the lid scraper are created in two elements so that it is effortless to dismantle and to clear.

• It is able to combine at 3000 revolutions per moment. That is rather a high pace location for a blixer.

The Robotic Coupe Blixer is created to mix or mix fruit and vegetables. It has the necessary capabilities for the difficult fruit and veggies as effectively as for the softer ones. You can set it on the single pace location to possibly mix the mixture to a clean runny consistency or you could basically use the pulse perform if you want to hold some chunks of fruit in the combination. This ground breaking catering machines is excellent for the present day kitchen area and is in particular ideal for the fast paced cafe kitchen though it will save space and dollars. ?

Source by Stana Peete

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