Creative and Quick Dinner Cutlets

<p>Cutlets—typically a thin slice of meat cut from the rib section—can be both an efficient weeknight meal and provide an impressive, toast-worthy treat. These modern cutlet-based dinners are not at all diminutive, but ample, and boldly seasoned. These recipes featuring pork, turkey, tofu, steak and more are impressively quick to make because of the thinness of the various cutlets. You can have hearty Skillet Swiss Steak in just half an hour, the cube steak smothered in tomatoes, green pepper and onions. While even thin cuts can sometimes require work to shape up, we have the tips to help you out. <strong><a href="">Download a FREE Dinner Plan for a Month of Quick Dinner Recipes for Busy Families!</a></strong> </p>
Mushroom- & Cranberry-Stuffed Turkey Cutlets
Pretzel-Crusted Pork Cutlets with Mustard Sauce
Crispy Portobello Cutlets with Caramelized Onions & Blue Cheese
Skillet Swiss Steak
Coconut-Crusted Swordfish with Kumquat Sauce
Tofu Cutlets Marsala
Turkey Cutlets with Dried Cherries, Rosemary & Port
Chicken Cutlets with Grape-Shallot Sauce
Golden Baked Pork Cutlets
Turkey Cutlets with Peas & Spring Onions
Spice-Crusted Tofu

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