Cooking with Turmeric

I’m still in college, and every week I am faced with the daunting task of deciding what to eat for the next seven days–on a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy budget. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to be resourceful and make some alternative choices that fill me up but are healthful too. For the most part, I’ve stopped buying breakfast cereals; snack foods, like pretzels and crackers; and desserts, like cookies and ice creams. Instead, I opt for buying “building blocks” for my meals: Brussels sprouts, apples, kale, bananas, yogurt, and eggs, and then I figure out what to pair these foods with (bread, hummus, each other). On each shopping trip, however, I find one item–just one–that I don’t really need and that doesn’t fit my immediate meal plan. My most prized purchase is the bottle of turmeric I bought last week. I’ve made a slew of meals using the deep-yellow powder, including Brussels sprouts drizzled in a mix of olive oil and turmeric; a hummus, egg, and turmeric open-faced sandwich; and even turmeric-spiced tea. As I began to use the spice more and more frequently, I started to do some research on the pretty powder. Not only is it great for your skin and a proven cancer combatant, but its anti-inflammatory properties may help to prevent Alzheimer’s. I’m amazed that this unsuspecting spice, both versatile and zesty, can be great for you, too! What’s your favorite spice or superfood?

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