Comte – France’s Response to Swiss Gruyere

Comte is in truth the French equal of Swiss Gruyere, in point it is typically referred to as Gruyere de Comte or French Gruyere. This excellent French cheese is produced in the Franche-Comte location which encompasses the a few departments of Jura, Doubs and Haute-Salone. This mountainous location borders the Swiss Alps and the cheeses that are produced there are viewed as to be Alpine cheeses. The dairy cows in these alpine pastures graze on grass and mountain flowers which to provides the grassy, herbaceous flavors and aromas of the cheeses that are produced here. The main difference between French and Swiss Gruyeres is the Swiss variation is aged for only a few months even though the French ( Comte) is aged for a minimum of 6 months and is typically aged for twelve months. This more time growing older course of action brings out a bolder and richer flavor.

All French Comte is AOC title managed to assure that only milk from this regions’ dairies is utilized to make it. Comte is not produced on a massive scale or in cheese factories but proceeds to manufactured by tiny nearby dairies that make about 6 to seven 80lb wheels per working day. This lower volume guarantees consideration to depth and consistent significant quality cheeses.

Comte, as with many really hard Alpine cheeses, is really hard to abuse and will keep up nicely in the fridge. It is an unpasteurized pressed, cooked curd cheese and has an inedible pure brushed rind. When purchasing for Comte do not purchase any that is moldy, appears to be like dried out or has a cracked rind. The inside paste will have tiny pea sized holes by means of out and will have a yellowish to ivory color. Its flavor will have hints of hazelnuts and grassy herbs. Always seem for the bell symbol and the title Comte stamped in inexperienced on the rind. Nonetheless, a ton of the Comte coming into the US has a white and inexperienced paper label hooked up to the cheese with the title Comte AOC printed in Environmentally friendly on it. Comte has a unwanted fat material of forty five%.

Comte is a adaptable cheese that goes nicely with salads and sliced for sandwiches. It is also excellent for lunch served with salami and crusty bread and as a dessert course served with clean fruit. Comte also melts nicely so use it with baked potatoes or rice dishes.

Wine parings: Huge French reds like Cotes du Rhone, Burgundies and fruity reds like Beaujolais.

Source by Lester Majkowicz

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