Cake Pops and Other Kid-Friendly Treats

Cake pops. A cool idea, and I’m hoping they will please my young nieces and nephews at our family reunion. Since we’ll be near the beach, I thought shark cake pops might be good, and wondered about adapting these Monster Pops. But is there a less sinister ocean-themed pop idea? Mermaids? Seals? I’m thinking cheesecake pops might be fun, too, perhaps because that’s one of my favorite desserts. Epicurious member eyedocdanita uses premade cheesecake in hers, so that makes it fast and easy. JoJo20000 recommends Fudgy Cake Pops — I may have to do some research of an edible kind. This Ice Cream Cone Cake looks impressive, but I’m worried that I won’t have the kitchen space and time (patience?) needed. Anyone baked cake batter in ice cream cones? That’s another option. For the adults, I think a more grown-up summer dessert will hit the spot. What’s your favorite summer party dessert? Photo: Bakerella

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