Being Open About Flavors at Comodo

So this past Monday we did an event at Comodo which required us to combine Latin flavors with Japanese. My dearest friend Hosanna premiered her stunning short as part of her ongoing OPEN Series. In this particular story her main character Julia heads to Japan for self discovery, which is why we blended said flavor profiles. And so we were given the “challenge” of coming up with two hearty hors d’oeuvres to keep the invitees satisfied. I loved the idea of using corn (as it’s summer time) and edamame. As I played around in the kitchen, I decided to add some poblano peppers, candied ginger, and yuzu. As decoration and for added flavor, I topped it off with toasted coconut. It was an instant crowd pleaser. Selfishly, I wanted to do an avocado toast because A. It’s so good! and B. I’ve always wanted to combine avocado and miso. And so I did. I essentially toasted sesame seed bread and topped it off with the avocado spread, again, easy and delicious and hearty! We can’t wait to host the premiere of her next film. I don’t know what the theme will be, (Check out her Kickstarter video if you’d like to donate/potentially be the next OPEN traveler), but playing with new flavors it always awesome.

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