Banana Bread: Do You Make Yours with Nuts or Chocolate Chips?

“Banana bread” is consistently one of the top-searched food terms on search engines and on recipe sites such as ours, for one simple reason: Bananas are typically bought by the bunch, and most households can’t eat their way through a whole bunch before the bananas begin to brown. Hence, “banana bread” and “banana bread recipe” as consistent top 20 search terms, month after month, year after year. We humans. So predictable. What’s less easy to predict is what ingredients, toss-ins, and add-ons will make one banana bread recipe rise above all the others. Nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, creme fraiche, and even raspberries have been known to make guest appearances in top-rated banana bread recipes on Epicurious. What do you add to your banana bread that makes it the best darn banana bread recipe in the world?

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