Back-to-School Season Is Here. Yes, Really.

Now that it’s August, kids and families everywhere are starting the bittersweet transition from picnic baskets to lunch boxes, and from popsicle sticks to mechanical pencils. Schools in the South start in early August, so some of you may already be deep in the lunch-packing and weeknight-dinner-planning frenzy that takes over the kitchen at the start of the school year. To help with back-to-school meal planning we’ve collected our best recipes: 19 grab-and-go breakfasts, for those mornings when everyone hits the snooze button. 50 easy family dinners, to help tame the weeknight rush. 45 creative, nutritious lunch recipes for every kind of kid, from vegetarians to athletes to kids attending nut-free schools. Plus, we’ve created a mix-and-match healthy snack mix generator for after-school snacks kids can make themselves to tide them over during those long homework hours before dinner. What are your best school season meal planning strategies?

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