About Historical and Modern day Limbu Women of all ages of Nepal

Limbu folks are recognized as Yakthungba (refers to a Limbu male) and Yakthungma (refers to a Limbu woman) in their personal language. Yambechha usually means a male and menchhuma implies a feminine. They are the descendents of the Kirant dynasty of ancient Nepal. The Kirant dynasty ruled Nepal from 3102 B.C. to 7th century A.D. as the initially rulers in Nepal.

Traditionally, till 225 decades in the past, the Limbus had their own territory that was regarded as Lumbuwan just before King Prithvi Narayan Shah united the territories that make up current-day Nepal. At existing, this space is in the jap element of Nepal (such as Taplejung, Sankhuwasabha, Panchthar, Ilam, Dhankuta, and Tehrathum and northern pieces of Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts). In accordance to the 2001 Census of Nepal, the populace of the Limbus is 359,371 (1.58% of Nepali population). Typically they have been followers of the Kirant religion that is a sort of animism, a perception that both dwelling and inanimate factors, this sort of as trees, rivers and mountains possess souls. They have their individual spoken and composed Limbu language. LIMBU script is regarded as Sirijanga script.

Historic Social Purpose of Limbu Gals:

Common Limbu women of all ages wore sim (it is 7-property very long materials wrapped as a skirt) with a cholo, a blouse that is produced of locally hand-woven dhaka materials. Phaee (a lengthy fabric) is wrapped all around the waist to tie the sim. They usually included their heads with thakhumya (a large scarf) as an accent. They cherished donning big gold and silver ornaments. Limbu females historically wore a pair of Nesse (a significant flat intended gold earrings), a gold mundri as a nose ring, and a dhungri, a stud nose ornament. On their fingers, Limbu girls wore gold or silver bangles. Silver kalli had been worn as anklets. They also wore different kinds of ornaments on different situations, ceremonies and festivals. Some of these ornaments were Phangsese (a necklace built of nine gold beads which are strung with glass beads), Labaphung (a crescent shaped gold ornament worn as a hair clip), Namloi or Yogakpa (a big silver necklace), sisiphung or nekkhophung (flower formed gold stud earrings), reji (coin necklaces produced of historical silver coins) and Swagep (a gold ring worn on their fingers). Also in the previous Limbu females applied to use Laskari in their ears, 5 or 6 equivalent little gold rings in a row. You can however see old Limbu women in the villages dressed up in this way. All the kinds of clothes and ornaments females wore propose that the Limbu economic climate supplied sufficiently for their desires in people times. Common Limbu girls seemed extremely classy and created a distinctive id in the environment.

Limbu females like to dance the Ya-Lang (paddy dance) and Ke-Lang (Limbu standard drum dance) at formal instances like marriages and religious ceremonies. There is also a dance named Mang Lang (Dev naach-God dance) to rejoice spiritual instances.

Most of the Limbus are farmers, and a lot of males provide as Gurkha troopers with international armies (e.g., British, Indian) or as safety personnel in Singapore, Brunei, and Hong Kong. Ladies support in farming by functioning in the fields. They plant rice, harvest the crops and take care of the domestic animals. They also convey up children and consider care of their in-rules as effectively.

My mom applied to chat about “pewa” (Pewa is a Limbu term, it is a resource of pocket money). Limbu mothers and fathers were being very generous toward their single daughters, for they permit them have possess funds by furnishing them “pewa”. Some single women employed to individual a couple of goats or pigs, so they could offer their livestock to get cash to get what they required.

My grandfather gave my mother a few of orange trees, from which she could get her pocket dollars by advertising oranges in the Dharan sector. This enabled her to acquire her personal jewelry or what ever she desired. In those people times, buying gold and silver jewelry was a form of family financial investment.

This report is about Limbu gals. I need to not ignore their connoisseur cuisine. Generally Limbus eat the standard Nepali meal, steamed white rice, dal (lentil soup), tarkary(curry) and aachar(a form of salsa sauce). I would like to mention some Limbu gourmand foodstuff- kinema ko achar (fermented soya been pickle), gundruk ko achar or gundruk ko soup ( fermented mustard leaves), yangben (moss that grows on trees), etcetera. They also a drink a gentle beverage identified as tongba (millet beer), consumed in unique bamboo or wooden large containers with very small bamboo straws).

Limbu women used to be terrific fabric-artist entrepreneurs and quite difficult operating. There wasn’t imported thread available for weaving, hence they used to improve cotton them selves in their fields. They used to spin thread for weaving just after harvesting uncooked cotton and drying it in the sunlight. The moment open a time, “chhitko sari”, woven by Limbu women, was extremely preferred amongst other Nepali gals. They also utilised to weave handloom cloth named Dhaka. They would be incredibly innovative by coming up with diverse varieties of ethnic styles this sort of as tanchhokpa (star). They bought that cloth material to ladies and males in other communities, because imported clothes was not readily accessible. This style of traditional weaving has been bequeathed to their feminine descendents. Dhaka product is pretty well known now, and you can get Dhaka topis (caps), standard pachheuras (large scarves) and Dhaka cholos (blouses). Now, ties and Dhaka kurta-suruwals (pant accommodate) are pretty well-liked. The standard substance is also utilised in interior decoration for modern day modern properties you can find it made use of for cushion handles, curtains, table runners, tablemats, etc. This product is also utilized in boutiques to make uncommon and unique designer outfits. Undoubtedly the credit score goes to our mothers and grandmothers for passing this sort of capabilities down by the generations.

Contemporary Limbu Girls and Their Social Position:

Present-day Limbu girls normally do not gown up in standard apparel or have on heavy jewelry. They wear all types of modern day outfits these kinds of as kurta suruwal, saree and other official and relaxed western outfits. Married females use classic Nepalese ornaments this kind of as Tilhari with sarees and kurta suruwal. Single women of all ages dress in light jewelry these as a stud, hoop or dangle earrings, a pendant with a chain, gold url bracelets, a ring, and anklets with kurta suruwal and western-encouraged outfits. Some married girls also don official Indian inspired gold jewelry too, these as major mangal sutra necklaces and huge dangly earrings.

Up to date Limbu modern society, specially in city spots, has progressed from the village culture of a single hundred a long time ago. Fashionable modern society has introduced about a lot of improvements. Limbu women’s obligations normally involve maintaining the house, cooking, using care of little ones and in-laws, as ahead of, but now also include supporting teach their little ones and probably managing a shop or pursuing a specialist job outside the house the residence. Of system stock sector investments are not common in Nepal. The Limbu females take care of financial investments in land or property. There are lots of gals whose husbands however perform as Gurkha troopers in overseas international locations. Those women of all ages find out to handle their lives really competently by them selves.

These days, some Limbu females have established occupations in each individual subject– in politics, media, company, skilled carrying out arts, lawful solutions, training, and the medical profession. Some names of Limbu females who are active in different fields are talked about below:

Anjana Limbu (Shrestha): Film Actress, her most effective-regarded movie is Balidaan

Anupama Subba: Actress in the famed motion picture “Numafung”

Bishnu Chemjong: The 1st Lux Nepal Star she was chosen from 5000 other contestants for her beautiful voice.

Jina Lingden: The first Limbu female pilot

Jayan Subba Manandhar: Choreographer and owns modeling agency known as Ramp

Kala Subba: Energetic model, choreographer and Hits FM RJ.

Lila Subba (Shrestha): Member of Nepal’s Parliament.

Pabitra Subba: An recognized, nicely regarded Nepali singer and actress.

Malvika Subba: Miss Nepal 2002, doing work with Kantipur telvision as an anchor, and event supervisor for the Pass up Nepal pageant for 2 a long time.

Srijana Subba: Lively member of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung and agent of the Affiliation of Limbu Shamans from Nepal. She is operating as a application officer for the NGO-FONIN.

Contemporary Limbu ladies are very appreciated for their remarkable achievements in a short period of time. Youthful Limbu gals these days, whose mothers and grandmothers may well be illiterate or barely literate, may go on to college or university or receive specialized training for experienced work.

While there are only a tiny quantity of Limbu women of all ages compared to Nepal’s total populace, they are actively involved in every area.

Source by Eksha Limbu

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