5 Tasty Techniques That Golden Fried Onion Can Enhance Your Steakhouse Menu

If you&#39re the proprietor or supervisor of a steakhouse or burger joint, you know that your consumers anticipate flavor, range, and creativity when it will come to your cafe&#39s menu goods.

But you also know that you have so lots of other aspects of your cafe to take care of-like payroll, staffing, setting up maintenance and getting. All of those tasks can maintain you hectic from sunup to sunset, which signifies that you do not usually have the time you&#39d like to sit down and ponder new menu goods or intriguing variants on previous favorites.

If this sounds common, just one choice you ought to contemplate is to seem at some value-powerful and straightforward-to-manage foodstuff products and solutions that you can sprinkle by way of your menu to incorporate new zest and interest. Listed here are a couple of illustrations that illustrate how you could possibly do just that with golden fried onion topping, which is commonly out there for wholesale and professional purchase:

Thought A single: Insert as a steak topping.

Your sirloins, flank steaks and rib eyes will delight in an prompt flavor boost when you top them off with a just-right serving of golden fried onion, primarily when you incorporate the remarks to the meat instantly after it will come off the grill and provide right absent .

When that occurs, the onions turn out to be warmed by the steak under, and they soak up just more than enough organic juices on the way to the table that they&#39re fairly close to fantastic by the time your visitor requires his to start with bite.

Thought Two: Recommend with salads.

The great begin to a good steak dinner is a refreshing and great garden salad, but as well lots of dining establishments make the blunder of serving salads that are basically bowls of lettuce topped with a solitary cherry tomato and a couple of shaved carrots. Clients anticipate a thing a little bit heartier from a steakhouse or burger joint, so do not be worried to toss in some cheese, mushrooms, broccoli or bacon bits-as perfectly as some tasty fried onion toppings.

Thought Three: Insert to your baked potato.

Almost nothing complements a juicy steak dinner like a huge, fluffy potato, baked to perfection and stuffed with all the fixes&#39. Give it topped off with golden fried onion and your consumers will be hooked for daily life.

Thought Four: Prime off your hamburgers.

These days it appears to be like like all people is ridiculous about connoisseur, more than-the-top burgers-and the a lot more toppings, the improved! You can incorporate fried onions to basic cheeseburgers, provide with mushroom gravy for a tasty sirloin burger, pair with mozzarella and pizza sauce for an out-of-the-ordinary pizza burger, or incorporate to chili for a to start with-class chili burger.

Thought 5: Serve with Bloody Marys.

These days, folks are virtually as ridiculous about more than-the-top Bloody Marys as they are about connoisseur burgers. Established up a create-your-have station in your bar that contains fried onion toppings as a garnish and view your brunch bar income soar. Other garnishes that will function perfectly with fried onions are plump green olives, chilled (and peeled) shrimp, horseradish, lemon wedges, roasted corn, jalapenos, cucumbers or cilantro.

Supply by Clinton Rhodes

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